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Public Works - Standard Drawings

Std. No. and Description
50 Existing Topography Symbols

100 Street Sections
101 Right-angle Turn and Turn-Around
102 Temporary Turn-Around For Dead-End Streets
103 Chapter 27 Improvements

200 Type "A" Curb, Type "B" Curb and Gutter, and Type "C" Rolled Curb
201 36" & 72" Wide Cross Gutter
202 Sidewalk Locations
203 Residential Driveway Approach
204 Commercial Driveway Approach
205 Ramping of Curb and Sidewalk (Handicap Ramp) Removed.
Please use CalTrans Standard Plans A88A or Public Works Standards for Construction Standard 111-5.
206 Grouted River Rock Medians

300 Standard Manhole Flow Channels
301 Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole
302 Drop Manhole
303 Clean out
304 Manhole Cover and Frame
305 Sewer Lateral Normal Cut
306 Typical Bedding Trench Widths
307 Sewer Saddle
308 Remodeling of Sanitary Sewer House Connections
309 Concrete Encasement
310 Restoration of Permanent Surfacing/Trenching

400 Parkway Culvert No. 1
401 Parkway Culvert No. 2
402 Parking Lot Catch Basin
403 Catch Basin No. 1
404 Catch Basin No. 2
405 Catch Basin No. 3
406 Catch Basin No. 4
407 Local Depression
408 Catch Basin Reinforcement
409 Detail of Angle and Anchor For Catch Basin
410 Detail of Bolt Support For Catch Basin
411 Protection Bar For Catch Basin
412 Concrete Collar For Pipes 12" Through 66"
413 Junction Structure No. 2
414 Junction Structure No. 4
415 Manhole No. 2
416 Connection To Catch Basin For Pipes 12" Through 72"
417 Spillway Inlet

500 Criteria For the Design of Shoring For Excavation
501 Standard Drywell
502 Type "A" Monument
503 Type "C-1" and "C-2" Monument
504 Street name Sign Installation Standard
505 Barricade
506 Underground Utility Location
508 Refuse Enclosure
509 Electrical Service Conversion to U/G
510 Modifications to Standard Refuse Roll-Off Bin

SL-1 Street Light Standard
SL-2 Street Light Service Pedestal and Pull Box Details
SL-3 Street Light Typical Designation on Plans


Disclaimer - These retaining walls are for information purposes only. Retaining walls must be detailed on plans submitted to the Division of Public Works and signed by a licensed civil engineer.

Note: Wall detail, as shown, does not show required gravel backfill. Backfill shall be at least 12" thick and extend from top of footing to within 2 feet of surface. Gravel backfill shall be 3/4" crushed rock.

5.8 Right
5.9 Left