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San Bernardino strives to become a model city for its diverse residents. We’re proud that our City is overcoming fiscal setbacks and moving forward to create a higher quality of life for those who live, work and play in San Bernardino.

While San Bernardino has gone through major changes to ensure the success of our financial goals, City leaders understand there is still more which must be done.



The City is continuing to evaluate and respond to the needs facing our residents during the current COVID 19 health   crisis. As we look to the future, it is clear we will all need to work together to find solutions to keep our community strong.

The City is working hard to move our community forward and improve our public safety and city services. In recent years, the City has taken a number of steps to maintain a transparent and open government while controlling costs to ensure efficient services for all residents.

However, given that our police department and other essential city services account for a large portion of the City’s general fund budget, there is little left to cut. It is clear additional funding is needed to strengthen public safety and 911 emergency response, retain and attract businesses, maintain city streets, improve local parks and create safer and cleaner neighborhoods.In 2006, Measure Z, a general sales tax, was passed by voters to help provide funding for public safety services and personnel, anti-gang and anti-crime operations including drug resistance education, and after school youth activities. In order to accomplish the City’s goals, the City may consider extending Measure Z before it expires in order to continue funding public safety and public works services in our City. For more information on Measure Z and the community oversight committee reports, please visit: http://www.sbcity.org/measureZ

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