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Looting PC 463 / Burglary PC 459 Throughout the City of San Bernardino Press Release

Between the evening of 05/31/20 and the morning of 06/01/20, the City of San Bernardino was in civil unrest whereas several businesses were victims of vandalism, burglary, and arson. San Bernardino PD investigators have worked diligently to seek justice for the businesses.

During this time, local community businesses had their stores broken into, where windows and doors were smashed and damaged. Looters proceeded to unlawfully enter the stores and steal property from inside.
We need you, as a member of the community to help identify or provide information on several subjects who stole from the businesses and victimized the community.

There have been several identifications and arrests made to date, but there are still several subjects that need to be identified. Please visit the site below to view the unidentified subjects and subjects with warrants under 2020 Looting:


For any information regarding any of the subjects please contact San Bernardino PD Investigators by email at lootingtips@sbcity.org or call 909-384-5615 to provide information.

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