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SBPD Announces Approval of Covid-19 Patrol Vehicles

San Bernardino, Calif. - Officers from the San Bernardino Police Department are excited about the approval of five new Covid-19 patrol vehicles. Officers will have access to patrol cars that self-disinfect throughout regular shift work. Below were some questions posed by community members about these recently ordered patrol vehicles.

How do Covid-19 resistant police cars work?

These cars have specially designed heating systems which superheat the vehicles to a temperature range that kills virus and bacteria. The system allows officers to decontaminate the vehicles after transporting potentially infected suspects.

Who is paying for these vehicles?

Through the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program, the Department was awarded Federal grant funds to assist in preventing and preparing for, and responding to the coronavirus pandemic. These funds were used to purchase the vehicles with NO expense to local taxpayers.

What benefit did the purchase serve?

Purchasing Covid-19 resistant vehicles will provide two benefits. First, it can reduce lost productivity by protecting employees from virus exposure. Additionally, it will increase the number of available patrol vehicles used to provide police services to local residents without burdening them with the cost of the vehicles.

“These vehicles will help reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on department operations and provide additional safety measures for our employees and the community members they serve,” Administrative Captain Francisco Hernandez said. “We are very appreciative of the funding to purchase these new vehicles.”

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