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Public Works Initiates New Pothole Repair Program

Drivers can expect to see potholes filled in the coming months.

On February 8, the Public Works Department began a pothole repair program targeting the city’s major thoroughfares, also known as arterial roads. Public Works staff is tackling potholes in a systemic approach using the city's on-call pothole and paving contractor, NPG Corporation for arterial roadwork, while department's street maintenance crews focus on residential streets. Pothole repairs will be scheduled in the most time efficient manner to maximize crew efforts while factoring in claim-prone locations as identified by risk management. “We expect this program to assist us in assessing the level of effort and funding necessary to complete the repairs citywide,” said City Manager Mark Scott. “What we know today is that we have a significant amount of work ahead of us, however, paying special attention to gateways in and out of the city is a must and will benefit both residents and the business community.”

Arterial roadwork began on Tippecanoe Avenue and will continue in a clockwise direction along Interstate 10, 215 and State Route 210. The program is expected to continue into the next fiscal year. City arterial roads on the project list include Tippecanoe Avenue, Waterman Avenue (south of SR-210), Inland Center Drive, Mt. Vernon Avenue, Mill Street, 2nd Street, 5th Street, Baseline Street, Highland Avenue, Kendall Drive, University Parkway, and Del Rose Avenue. Any potholes reported on State of California Routes such as SR-18 or Waterman Avenue north of the SR-210 and our County pockets will be directed to the appropriate agencies.

On the first day of roadwork, over 170 potholes were repaired on a three mile stretch of northbound Tippecanoe Avenue between Interstate 10 and 5th Street. Potholes left unaddressed were likely due to traffic or weather conditions and will be addressed by city crews at a later date. This week, NPG crews will be working along Waterman Avenue between Interstate 10 and 5th Street. Drivers are asked to drive cautiously around designated work zones.