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Military Vehicle Preservation 91st Anniversary Convoy to Stop in San Bernardino

San Bernardino to host welcome reception for 80 Historical Military Vehicles

On Friday, October 13, 2017, the Military Vehicle Preservation Association will make a lunch time stop in the City of San Bernardino. The Association is conducting its 91st Anniversary Convoy with as many as 80 Historic Military Vehicles (HMVs), retracing the original 1926 course across Route 66.

The convoy started in Chicago, Illinois on the 16th of September, and will arrive in Santa Monica, California on the 14th of October. The convoy will stop in San Bernardino for lunch on the day before the last leg of the journey. The City of San Bernardino will host a welcome reception to greet the participants of this 2,400 mile and 29 day voyage, and Juan Pollo will provide lunch. As San Bernardino Mayor R. Carey Davis discussed the event, he stated, “We are glad to welcome this convoy that represents America’s longest Veteran’s parade. It is of utmost importance for our community to honor the service and sacrifice of America’s veterans. Thank you to Juan Pollo for providing lunch and to the City staff that are contributing to the success of this event.”

San Bernardino community members are welcome to gather at Nunez Park to see Historic Military Vehicles that will range from WWI-era, to HMV’s that have just been released from the U.S. Armed Forces inventories. The convoy will also showcase privately owned HMVs, including motorcycles, jeeps, and large cargo trucks.

The event will be hosted from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm at Nunez Park, 1717 W. 5th Street, San Bernardino, CA 92411. For more information, visit www.MVPA.org.