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City of San Bernardino Considers Outsourcing Animal Control Services

Animal Control Commission Meeting was held June 7 to discuss an alternative means of care that meets the best interest for animals and residents in San Bernardino

The City of San Bernardino Animal Control facility has reached a state of disrepair, and left unresolved, will affect our ability to care for the animals. The City’s shelter is more than fifty-years-old and does not meet modern shelter standards including animal care facilities, kennel design, climate control, ventilation, drainage, and quarantine measures. The projected cost to rebuild is more than $18 million and simply not be feasible given our financial situation.

After careful consideration, we have determined that partnering with a neighboring agency presents away for the City to care for our animals and serve the needs of the community while preserving thefinancial health of the City. Riverside County has provided an animal services proposal that includesproviding a higher level of service than the City is currently offering at a cost saving. Riverside Countyis equipped to provide San Bernardino strays with quality temporary care so that they have the bestchance to become adopted and get placed in a forever home. Most important, it is anticipated that agreater number of our animals will find forever homes as the Riverside County facility attracts adoptersfrom multiple counties.

Just as we have been good neighbors to the cities of Colton, Fontana, Grand Terrace and Loma Linda in the past where we’ve provided services for their strays, Riverside County is now offering to be a good neighbor to San Bernardino.

Services that animals at the Riverside County facility would benefit from include:
1. State-of-the-art facility with modern ventilation, heating and air-conditioning systems
2. On-site veterinary care team including veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians
3. On-site spay and neuter clinic
4. In-field microchip device and reading system

Thankfully, the City is fiscally solvent and now we must look to provide programs and services in nontraditional manners, leveraging available resources and developing partnerships with outside agencies and the private sector to ensure the success of the City’s future. We are grateful to Riverside County for offering this help as the City Council directed management to continue to explore outsourcing opportunities for FY 2018/2019.

We are thankful to our many volunteers and rescue organizations who give time and resources on a daily basis to help our City’s strays find forever homes. Whether the City operates animal control services or contracts with a third party, we will continue to develop and foster partnerships with rescues, the business community and residents to support and care for the City’s animal population. As such, we welcome your involvement in shaping the City’s animal control program.

This topic will be discussed at the City Council Meeting on June 20, 2018.

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